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Dynaudio Air 20

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    Dynaudio Air 20

    3-way Active Nearfield, 10" woofer, 5.5" one-piece molded polyprop midrange & 1.1” soft dome tweeter

    The AIR 20 offers transparency, consistent speaker performance and outstanding possibilities for optimizing performance in different Acoustical environments. The AIR 20 is developed for both stereo and multi-channel monitoring in demanding production environments including:

    Post Production
    Music Recording and Mixing
    Film Editing (smaller rooms)
    DVD authoring and Mastering
    5.1 Production (Audio or Audio for pictures)
    Broadcast\r Edit suites

    Combining technology from Dynaudio and TC, AIR 20 offers ultimate precision and sound.

    The possibility of rotating the Mid-High module offers the flexibility for optimal placement in a wide range of applications.

    With rotated Mid-High Module

    Typical listening distance 1.5-3m / 5-10.2ft
    Typical room size 80-130 m3 / 2800-4600 ft3


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