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    Welcome to the world of THE ZIMMERS!

    Formed in early 2007, The Zimmers are not only the oldest gigging band in the world (with an average age of 79), they are also the most celebrated, with world records all over the place. Oldest Rock Band, Oldest Lead singer to have a top 40 single, and without doubt the biggest worldwide love affair with any band ever, with over 100 million people having heard of them even before they'd released a single! Having recorded their debut single at the famous Abbey Road Studios, under the watchful eye of Acclaimed Producer Mike Hedges. the band soon became addicted in the ecording proess and have been busy recording with some of todays brightest young producers and engineers.

    With the debut single staying two weeks in the UK top 40 it was only a matter of time before they were back...AND THAT TIME IS NOW!

    Since May 2007 the band have been busy touring the UK and finishing their debut album 'Lust for Life', with the current tracklist as.. 'My Generation' originally performed by The Who 'Firestarter' originally performed by The Prodigy 'Lust For Life' originally performed by Iggy Pop 'Power to the People' originally performed by John Lennon 'Old Before I Die' originally performed by Robbie Williams 'Old and Wise' originally performed by The Alan Parsons Project
    and a few surprises too!!!!
    With Buster now a writer for FHM Magazine and John Tree now a DJ on local radio, the band have gone on to some amazing things outside of the band.


    Winifred Warburton (99)
    Winifred lives in a care home in Derbyshire. When she was younger she did a bit of freelance work as a journalist and also wrote a few ladybird books on how to crochet. She’s a bit of a poet and is writing her memoirs. She also likes reading novels and keeping abreast of current affairs through the broadsheets. She used to play the organ and brushed up on her skills in preparation for the recording of “My Generation”. Winifred finds it hard to settle in a care home or find somewhere that really feels like home. She craves more stimulation and interaction with likeminded people. Not one to sit around doing nothing Winifred likes to take matters into her own hands and has moved care home so many times that she’s on first name terms with the removals man.

    Eric Whitty (69)
    Eric lives in a care home near Liverpool. He’s like a human jukebox – loves karaoke and singing anything from Beatles to Elvis and he does a great rendition of Amarillo. The Abbey Road session was Eric’s first time in London – with “My Generation” set to storm the charts it probably won’t be his last.

    Tim O'Donovan (81)
    Tim lives in a care home attached to a convent in Clacton. He’s a man of the church and left Ireland to spend many years working as a missionary in Africa. He has mastered computers and writes articles reminiscing about the people and places he’s come across during his life. Tim also enjoys a pint of Guinness in the local pub. Despite being very happy with the home and mindful of how lucky he is, he’s conscious that he’s somewhat outnumbered – sharing a home with 30 women, there’s only so much chit-chat about knitting and manicures that a man can take. Tim craves a bit more male banter and a good joke over a pint now and then.

    Joan Bennett (it's rude to ask a ladies age!)
    Joan lives on her own in London. Aside from routine visits to the GP Joan hasn’t been out of the flat for 3 years. A carer does all her shopping – her only contact with the outside world is her radio. She used to play the harmonica but it’s been gathering dust in a cupboard for 20 years – who knows, success in the charts just might re-kindle that musical spark.

    Alf Carretta (90 years old – Zimmers lead singer) and Bingo friends Ivy Lock, Rose Dickens, Dolores Murray, Rita, Sylvia Beaton, Sally Page. This group of people met at the Mecca bingo hall on Essex Road and have been friends ever since. Some of them were there the day it opened, but sadly, after 30 odd years they’ve played their final game – according to Rank, who own Mecca, the double taxation on bingo gives them no choice but to shut it down. Alf says these are the only friends he has and he’s worried he’ll lose touch. Their efforts to keep the hall open have fallen on deaf ears and they’re hoping a bit of music might be what’s needed to grab people’s attention.

    Gillian (Deddie) Davies (69 years old - Actor)
    Gillian’s acting career has spanned decades from rep to TV - She played Mrs Perks in the Railway Children and has appeared in comedy classics such as Waiting for God and Little Britain. Gillian is a trustee of Compassion in Care and has been campaigning about quality of life for elderly people ever since her friend was badly treated in a care home. We’re glad to have at least one RADA-trained singer in the band!

    Peter Oakley (Coming up for 80)
    Otherwise known as “Geriatric 1927” to regular You Tubers, Peter has become the internet Grandad through his video blogs with his reflections on life. People love the fact that he’s just himself – utterly genuine – as well as being someone who challenges many of the stereotypes of elderly people. In the build up to the Abbey Road session Peter was looking forward to meeting others face to face for a change, and he watched videos of The Who performing My Generation live in preparation for our recording.

    see Peter in action

    Buster Martin (100)
    Buster works 3 days a week for Pimlico Plumbers. He was recently in the press because he gave as good as he got when attacked by muggers. Someone like Buster who is still going strong at 100 years old is a great example to us all.

    John & Bubbles Tree (big jazz fans – used to listen to Chris Walker's jazz show on Radio Solent), Rob Fulford (Used to enjoy Dennis Skillicorn’s sailing programme on Radio Solent), Dennis Skillicorn (Former presenter on Radio Solent) Though they once tuned in on a daily basis to listen to their favourite shows, these former listeners turned off when Radio Solent decided it was time to let some of their more elderly presenters go. None too impressed with the current trend for music and banter geared towards a younger audience, they’re united in their determination to get older voices back on air. If they can get a record in the top 40 they’ll be all over the airwaves.

    Grace Cook (83)
    Grace entered the world of showbiz at the age of 7 enrolling in an amateur dancing school where she was trained to sing. She went on to perform mainly in pantos and summer shows and she’s been with the Hoxton Singers for about 10 years, performing occasionally to elderly people in care homes. Grace jumped at the chance to lend solidarity to the other band members and break down a few stereotypes at the Abbey Road session - at 83 she’s definitely still got it.

    Neil Reed - [email protected]
    Dave Palmer - [email protected]

    The Zimmer Facts:
    * In 2000, there were 600 million people aged 60 and over; there will be 1.2 billion by 2025 and 2 billion by 2050.
    * Today, about two thirds of all older people are living in the developing world; by 2025, it will be 75%.
    * In the developed world, the very old (age 80+) is the fastest growing population group.
    * Women outlive men in virtually all societies; consequently in very old age, the ratio of women/men is 2:1.
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    The Zimmers "My Generation" Released: 28/05/07