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    The Seekers

    Complete Seekers [Box Set]

    Von P D Harris "Pete the music and horse racing fan" (Leicester England) Those people who are only interested in their hits will find a single CD that contains them all. If you enjoy their hits enough to want a lot more of their music, this box is the best way of obtaining all the commercially recorded music by the Seekers with Judith Durham from the sixties to the nineties. Since then, they have re-united to record a Christmas album (which I've also reviewed). Judith has also recorded solo, while the Seekers have recorded other music without her. These recordings are outside the scope of this set.

    The first three CD's contain all their music from 1963 to 1967 except those tracks that appeared on singles - they are collected together on the fourth CD. It contains the hit singles (including Georgy girl, I'll never find another you, Morningtown ride, A world of our own and Carnival is over), their B-sides and the tracks they recorded when they re-united in the early nineties. The fifth CD contains studio and concert rarities.
    The first three CD's contain plenty of covers. Judith is lead singer on most tracks, but the boys are good singers too and occasionally one of them sings lead. On those tracks, Judith can be heard on backup vocals. These covers fall into two main categories - those that demonstrate their musical roots (these dominate the first two CD's and include folk songs of Australia, Ireland and America) and those that are versions of contemporary songs (these are mostly to be found on the third CD, although you will find some on the second CD).
    The final CD is interesting. Their cover of This is my song was considered for album release in the sixties. It was rejected - If you go away was used instead - so this is the first time their version has been made publicly available. The soundtrack versions of Georgy girl used to open and close the movie are also included, with all their imperfections. The hit version on CD 4 has different lyrics to either of the versions here. Among the other tracks are radio recordings and songs that they recorded at the Talk of the Town in London for a live album. That album contained a lot of hits, but the tracks included here were songs that they didn't otherwise record. This is a fascinating collection by one of Australia's earliest pop groups.

    Das ist Folk-Musik vom Feinsten.:zustimm: Judith Durham hatte eine Stimme, die man nicht so schnell vergißt. Da macht das Zuhören richtigen Spaß und wird zum Hochgenuss. Sie singen Traditionals und Pop-songs, dabei äußerst unterhaltsam. Diese 6 CDs sind außerdem hervorragend remastert, bei manchen Aufnahmen hört man deutlich, daß sie von Schallplatte auf CD überspielt wurden (!):grinser: